Massage & Body Care

Half-hour Massage | $45

Seaweed Salt Scrub | $75
A natural exfoliant with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and rich oils leaving skin moisturized. Great for rough or dry skin types. Add an Aroma-Luxe massage for total relaxation. 45 minutes

Boomerang Body Scrub / $ 75

with dry brushing $105

(You keep the brush valued at $30)

Remove impurities and stimulate blood flow with this combination of dry brushing, macadamia oil plus infused sugar scrub with very fine crystals  that leave skin invigorated, glow without damage.  The macadamia oil residue left after treatment absorbs to deeply hydrate skin.

Follow with our Wildflower Detox body mask for extra pulling of toxins.

with Wildflower Clay Mask / $155 (includes Body Scrub, Dry Brush)

Physical removal of impurities and toxins are pulled with this clay mask for the body

Boomerang Lymphatic Massage /$ 215 (includes  Body Scrub, Dry Brush, and Wildflower Mask)

Or stand alone for / $85

Our boomerang lymphatic drainage massage with a high percentage of Macadamia OIl to nourish even the driest of skins for a decadent holistic treat for the whole body.  This massage will facilitate lymphatic flow while addressing muscular tension a leave a sense of well being.


Aroma-Luxe Massage | $75

Relaxing and energize as healing essential oils promote lymphatic drainage. 60 minutes

Hot Rocks Massage | $90
Basalt rocks provide penetrating heat for total muscle release. 60 minutes




Gommage Vegetal | $90
Exceptionally gentle exfoliation for smooth, silky, hydrated skin. Great for delicate skin-types. 45 minutes

Seaweed Wrapping | $110
Series of 4 | $360
Detoxify and revitalize for a slimming, toning effect. Smooths “orange-peel” skin, accelerates elimination. 75 minutes

Hydralessence Corps | $115
Deep, long-lasting hydration treatment. 110 minutes